This is just a little “before” video of the side of our neighbor’s house which is next to my Cut Flower Garden bed. Neither are looking very impressive at the moment but I have a vision for it to become a beautiful a little tucked away spot by the end of the summer. Our neighbors never see this side except for when they push their lawn mower through once a week and said I could use it as long as they had a clear path to their backyard!

Originally I had wanted to grow big white pumpkins over there but that won’t work since they need a path. So my new idea is to create a bouquet making station since it is directly across from where all my cutting flowers will be growing (hopefully!!).

I bought a little metal shelf from Facebook Marketplace and plan to bring out all of my little thrift store vases. I’m considering laying down with fabric over that whole area since it’s basically just piles of weeds growing up. I’m wondering about putting mulch down over the top of the weed fabric but I’m worried that will get pretty messy. I think I’m going to run by Resource in Boulder to see if they have any extra deck planking or bricks or flagstone. My ideal scenario would be to get crushed gravel that I could pack down, but I don’t think we want to spend the money on that this year. We will see what I come up with and I’ll show you what I have created in a month or so!

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