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Hello! I am Regina Mountjoy. I have photographed gardens all over the world, near and far, for over 20 years. I always scan for the flowers that are smiling back at me. I zoom in to get a closer look and am breathless, so flattered that each of these gorgeous creatures have disclosed themselves to me in such a tender, vulnerable, and intimate way. I think they know I am a kindred spirit. I think they know I have spent my life trying to find ways to keep my head above waves of sadness, disillusionment, and depression; to keep my focus on what is good, true, and beautiful; to find connection with the earth; to push back against our culture’s frantic pace; to filter out the clutter of an often noisy, unkind world. Creating these images have helped to do all these things for me and I trust they will offer their gift to you as well.

I’m married to the guy I’ve had a crush on since he was ten and still get butterflies when I see him walk across a room. We are both Colorado natives and live just outside of Boulder with our two rescue cattle dogs, Finn & India. Jay and I seem to be getting on a plane to somewhere every other minute.

While we have not been able to have children and, after a lot of tears and feet stomping, it has opened my heart to the idea that I was created to be in an intimate relationship with my God, and nothing more. I am learning self-care and practicing gratitude for what IS rather than focusing on what isn’t – playing with the idea that it is sufficient to just BE. (This is, of course, still all in progress.) As an ACoA with cyclothymia and PTSD I have collected quite the “cocktail” of practices and tools for staying sane. Discovering the Contemplative Practice has been like coming home.

Things that make me super excited include holiday markets (especially in Europe!), flea markets, botanic gardens, white vintage furniture & home decor, a well-turned phrase, films with Judi Dench, faux fur, the words “de-cluttering” & “organizing”, Cath Kiddson bags, children’s stories from the 1800’s, and cattle dogs.

I buy too many notebooks and pens and plants. I make great soup and fail fantastically at baking. My magic number is eleven. I do not watch the news or TV and somehow still survive (to the shock of most people). I typically look up the plot line before I watch a new movie so I don’t stress completely out.

My entire wardrobe seems to consist of little black dresses and yoga pants. All covered with dog hair. All of the time. My favorite things are the word “indelible”, the book At the Back of the North Wind, my stuffed elephant “Elly”, and my black 4-door Jeep Cherokee “Luna”, who likes to have the roof off as often as possible.

I try to create beauty and order in everything around me; to take good care of every person & creature that comes into my circle, and to tip generously- no matter what.

Reach out with any thoughts, questions, or ideas for collaboration! Much love to you this day!

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Deciding on which of Regina's works of art would grace my home office was no easy task. Each one is a feast for the eyes in its own right. Petticoat Roses is a forever piece that will be treasured in our home for years to come!

- Jill Stewart, Certified Professional Coach








Regina’s exquisite images grace both my home and my office at work. In both places, they serve as points of focus for renewal amidst often hectic days. Like stars against a twilight sky, Regina’s images offer brilliant and glimmering reminders that Beauty remains undaunted by either chaos or the mundane. They sing in stillness, lavish and yet restrained. Every time I look at her work I am reminded of courage and hope, and the deep grace that attends them. Ever the consummate professional, Regina Mountjoy remains the photographer I most admire in this world. I cannot commend her extraordinary work to you highly enough!

- Lancia E. Smith, Author | Photographer | Teacher







I couldn't be happier with my beautiful flower portraits by Regina Mountjoy. They truly create a soothing and unique feel to every room in which I display her artwork. I have purchased four of her pieces over the last two-and-a-half years. It is simple and easy to select and have delivered to my home within a couple of weeks. Regina's follow-up to make sure I am completely satisfied is professional and over-the-top. I could not recommend anyone more. Your expectations will be exceeded.

-Jayne Spear, Therapist & Yoga Instructor




I knew the minute I saw Regina's magical flower portraits that I wanted one for my home. When I built my spa/exercise room it was the perfect setting. I took my computer into the room, sat on the floor, and clicked through the beautiful flowers. One stood out as the perfect choice, and sure enough when it arrived a few weeks later, it was ideal. I couldn't be happier with the image or the quality. Thank you, Regina, for making magic come alive in my home!

- Boni Lonnsbury, Author



For years my husband and I had been looking for the perfect piece of art to hang in our bedroom. When I saw Regina’s work I immediately fell in love with it but was unsure I could convince my husband to go botanical. When I showed him the website he was initially silent as he scrolled through the images--until he rested on A New Hope.  He eyes widened and he declared it the one. It is now one of two large format botanicals by Regina that adorn our bedroom and we couldn’t be happier.

-Jennifer Nicolo, Writer & Editor


In December 2016, I went to Regina's Expectant Collection Art Opening. I was familiar with Regina's work but the flower portraits shown that night were breathtaking. I was immediately drawn to her flower portrait, Reverence. I walked around the show for quite a while but kept coming back to that piece. I ordered it that night, received it soon after, and it now hangs in our bedroom. It is so beautiful, bringing me joy every day.

-Susan Mountjoy


Every morning, I am greeted by the serenity and beauty of A New Hope.  When I look at the flower portrait, I feel such peace and grounding.  A New Hope is, for me, like taking a deep, satisfying breath.  Regina brings her deeply creative and generous spirit to all of her work and I love having that in my home!

-Jessie Bliss

Regina has such a gift for capturing color and texture in her botanicals. Embrace is a gorgeous addition to our home. We ordered a 40 x 60 for our dining room wall which is the first thing you see when you walk in the door. It brings the room together, warms it up, and is focal point for all who enter. So glad we ordered it so big! We love it! 

-Sonya & Derek Kolstad

We are lucky enough to have TWO pieces of Regina's art in our home! Every morning when I walk out our bedroom, I am greeted by a stunning image of Kerria (Japanese Yellow Rose). The image matches perfectly with our decor and provides a bold and lovely pop of color in our living room. We are also greeted by an exquisite image of cherry blossoms every time we walk in the front door to our home. This piece is adjacent to a beautiful Japanese screen that has been in my family for over 30 years and the two pieces compliment each other beautifully. Regina's expert designer's eye really came in handy in selecting this piece. The best part of all is that AFTER I chose the images, Regina let me know that she photographed both images while visiting us in London!!

-Margaret Selby

Regina's flower portraiture canvases are the focal point of our home. We have a grouping of eight pieces that together create a work of art that provides centering energy, a sense of calm, and a place for conversation. We continue to build our collection as new and amazing pieces are released that speak perfectly to us about where are in that specific time. At our office we have also collected several pieces that serve as daily inspiration to our team of marketing & branding gurus.  Suffice to say, I am a fan-girl!

-Juli Dimos

Regina is truly an outstanding photographer with a mystical ability to capture the true nature and beauty of the outside. We have three 40 x 60" sepia-toned canvases in our main dining room which has vaulted ceilings. The arrangement is magnificent and creates a warm and peaceful space in which we gather. Each piece is unique and captures the quiet moments of life's blessings. We love seeing Regina’s Flower Portraiture every day in our home. 

-Jennifer McGhee


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