This year I am collaborating with Kim Burton of CityGal Flower Farm in Denver to document life on a flower farm. I am soooo excited about this project and hope to be sharing buckets of beautiful images with you as the season progresses! Currently in bloom are ravishing ranunculous in every shade (except blue!). Similar to peonies in their romantic lushness, ranunculous look almost too perfect to be real! Their rose-like blossoms feature layer upon layer of tissue-thin petals, in colors that range from cream and pale yellow to apricot, pink, orange, red, and burgundy. Though not often seen in home gardens, the exquisite flowers of ranunculus are in high demand in boutique flower shops and wedding bouquets.

Ranunculous are cool weather lovers. They dislike the heat but require lots of bright light, so that makes them tricky for Colorado garden beds. They are also zoned 8-10 so they will only survive in Colorado as an annual. A helpful way to grow ranunculus here in Colorado is to plant them in containers rather than in the garden. This helps to ensure proper drainage, and once the flowers bloom, they are easy to move around so they get noticed. Flower farmers, such as CityGal, and other commercial growers typically grow ranunculus in a greenhouse. This lets them control both high and low temperatures, and produce flawless blossoms for their wholesale customers.

If I could, I would have a fresh cut ranunculous in our home every day of the week! They are so perfect though that I think there must be a silk version available to see me through the winter. Meanwhile, we have these photos to drool over! I will be adding ranunculous images to my SHOP soon so hop on my mailing list to be notified when they are available!! (Just scroll down to the bottom of the home page!)

These soft yellow tulips are a new addition to CityGal Farm this year. Kim is experimenting to see if this species is a financially worthwhile addition to her flower farm. As it is early May, the seedlings are filling in and about ready to be transplanted into the garden beds!

Abby, the flower farm pup, is making the rounds. She makes sure everything is ship-shape, chases off the squirrels, and maintains a tight perimeter control! And she is absolutely precious!  Stay tuned for more flower farm beauty! Here’s to a gorgeous summer for all!!




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