Do you dream of waking up to a space that is a beautiful reflection of who you are AND inspires you to show up as the best version of yourself? Have you tried to do this on your own and hit wall after wall? If you have landed here, let’s connect. I would love to guide you in creating the space you desire.

I have designed The Making Space for Beauty© Package to ensure that you see your space from a new perspective, bypass blocks that are holding you back, gain momentum in de-cluttering AND start creating the space and beauty you desire. This work is my passion! You will be amazed at how much we can accomplish together! You will make months and years worth of decisions in the short time we work together. You will feel refreshed, inspired, and empowered. You will have access to a new surge of energy and FLOW.

Why is Making Space For Beauty© coaching necessary? 

I believe our deepest desire is for connection. AND I believe we are NOT meant to do important work like this alone. That being said, not just anyone is well-suited to help in this area because it is fraught with emotion and deep-seeded stories. I have observed that most people will project their own issues onto YOUR stuff and onto YOUR process, which only serves to muddle the process further.

It is very difficult to identify the stories and energy of things when we are by ourselves and overwhelmed by the mass of noise around us. Most of us have tried to tune out all the noise simply to plow through each day. When we try to clear things on our own we are often paralyzed by the emotions, fears, and can second guess our gut instincts.

As a coach, I act as a grounding agent — neutral and supportive. I listen to and observe how you react to the items in your space. I listen to the words you use when you describe them and reflect them back so you can see your space with fresh eyes; so you have permission and support to trust your own intuition. Often we just need someone to help hold the space for you to access and trust your internal resources and instincts.

Are you ready for this connection, support, and transformation? Click HERE to schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation.

Working with me would be helpful if you are: 

  • ready and committed to invite (more) beauty, clarity, and peace into your life
  • ready to let go of things that are weighing you down
  • eager to spend more quality time with those you love
  • ready to show up (more) brilliantly in the world as your gorgeous unique self
  • overwhelmed by how much stuff is in your space
  • frustrated by attempts to de-clutter on your own
  • paralyzed by second-guessing your choices
  • willing to take action around changing your physical space
  • wanting guidance and support rather than someone to just come in and do it for you
  • struggling with the motivation to start the process of de-cluttering or organizing

Do any of these things resonate for you? Click HERE to schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation.

Why am I a competent guide? 

  • I have been supporting people in transforming their space {formally} for over 15 years! (Pretty much since I was about 5 years old. Seriously, I’m kind of obsessed. Ask my sister.)
  • I have no attachment to what “should” be or belief that there is a “right” way to do things.
  • What I care about is your HEART and what YOU need and want to be fully alive in this world.
  • I have no judgement about what you should be getting rid of or keeping. What I pay attention to is how YOU react to your things and I bring awareness to your reactions.
  • Because I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all formula I have freedom to customize each package based on your unique personality, situation, and vision.
  • I am compassionate, intuitive, and I have lots of affection for tangible items.
  • We teach best what we need most. I need to do consistent clean outs because stuff is continually building up around me.
  • I am on a constant search for ways to support my need for de-cluttering and streamlining so I can pass this passion and learning onto you.
  • I have researched like crazy and practiced clearing, transforming, and beautifying in all my own homes (and bedrooms when I was a kiddo!) so I have loads of suggestions, tips, and resources when needed.

Does this sound like the kind of person you would like to come alongside you in this process? Click HERE to schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation.

What is the purpose in “Making Space For Beauty” Packages?

  • To inspire you to focus on what you love– what delights and supports you.
  • To guide you in creating connection with your heart & intuition.
  • To help you get clear about what kind of beauty you want to create.
  • To physically support you in clearing out and de-cluttering whatever does NOT delight or support you, so you can breathe deeper and see more clearly.
  • To help you make peace with the past, so you can cultivate beauty in the present moment.
  • To help you make space for the beauty you long for.
  • To enable you to see beauty that already exists in your life.
  • To offer consulting for placing Flower Portraiture art in your home that will be a visual reminder and space-holder for your intentions to take root, germinate, and blossom.

Click HERE to schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation.

If you are all the way down here, I love it! I can go on and on about de-cluttering, clearing, organizing, creating beauty, transforming, feng shui, Marie Kondo, Karen Kingston, Zen Habits, Inspired Home Office… All of it!! Are you ready for my non-bullet-point straight from the heart speech about why I am so crazy passionate about Making Space For Beauty©? Here you go!

I believe everything is quivering with energy. Every item in our space either drains or gives us sips of energy. Items are attached with memories, stories, messages, beliefs, and emotions. Physical things can inspire and help us move forward. They can also tug at us and keep us stuck in past stories of grief, guilt, sadness, frustration. Clearing is vital for life to stay vibrant and active, for spiritual growth, for making space for new opportunities, relationships, and awareness.

I believe that at our core we are light. I fight for this belief every day of my life. I press through depression, anxiety, and grief. I believe we are created with gifts that are uniquely ours to bless the world. When we are surrounded by micro-energy waves that accumulate into deafening noise, we are simply existing instead of shining and thriving.

My own life is NOT about minimalism. I am not a light packer. I do not have empty closets or drawers. (Except for one!). I collect beautiful things everywhere I go. And I do regular clean outs. For me it is about being super intentional about what messages and energy I allow into my space. When that energy shifts or becomes stagnant, I make a change.

Here is a metaphor I consider often. If I had a child, would I allow her to be surrounded by things shouting messages like, “You should have already done this project!” “ You should be a different way!” “Your body should be a different size or shape to fit into this outfit!” “Remember this difficult or sad time in your life? Let me remind you!” “Remember this person who didn’t love or respect you?”

Absolutely not! I would do everything I could to ensure that every message my little one received from the items in her room and home was that she is loved just as she is, that she is enough, that she is divine light, and that her future is bright.

You deserve to be surrounded by these same messages of love and support.

Cultivating a beautiful life is a sacred, righteous, and worthy ambition– one that I take immense joy in guiding my clients through.

On that note, clear a few things out, move some beautiful things around. Create beauty and SHINE!

And if you’re down here at the bottom of this page, let’s just have a conversation already! It’ll be fun! Click HERE to schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation.


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