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My original intention for this collection was to create a touchstone of stillness, peace, and trust during the pregnancy of expectant mothers. I wanted to lure women away from the overwhelming-gobs-of-information that just gunk up the whole experience. I wanted to give them an anchor point in which to experience peace in the present moment just by being still and gazing into a beautiful creation that is gazing back with a message of trust, surrender, and beauty.

Soon I realized that these images are for any of us who have something percolating. The collection broadened to incorporate birth or rebirth in all forms, whether it be a creative endeavor, a big life transition, new chapter, a metamorphosis. During the 2016 election it expanded further. The "Embrace"collection now represents my choice and commitment to be expectant of beauty around every corner, with eyes open wide so I can see it in even the smallest of places. I have had the strongest desire to curl up and disappear during this time of upheaval. But I am choosing to lean in, stay present to what is, to open my heart wide, and share what I love with all of you.

My hope is that one image will jump out at you and by focusing on this one image for even 30 seconds at a time, feeling your feet firmly on the ground, breathing deeply, and drinking in the gentle earthy wisdom of the flower you have chosen, you will experience a moment of peace that will ripple through your body and soul.

In this collection there are flower portraits of roses, dahlias, begonias and peonies.