Hello, Friends!

I’ve been planning this little 100 square foot garden bed since last September! To be honest, I wish it was more impressive and magazine/Magnolia-style worthy, but this is what I’ve got going on. This is my real-life gardening world in Lafayette, Colorado and I am sharing my process with you in the VIDEO below. 🙂

I started hundreds of seedlings in our basement in March. Actually in my mother-in-law’s basement closet because shortly after starting them I left for a 10-Day Silent Retreat in Snowmass, Colorado and then our house was being Airbnb-ed! When I came back from the mountains, I transported all the seedling trays into our basement and set up racks with grow lights. (You can see that set up HERE!)

When the weather got a bit warmer I brought them outside but I couldn’t hover over them like I did last year. We have people renting our house on and off so I could just sneak by every few days. Colorado springs are crazy with huge temperature jumps, snowing, then blasting hot, hail so those little plants got the full range of weather extremes as tinies!

Needless to say, only a fraction of those I started made it into the ground and those that did are looking pretty straggly! Jay says it is an exercise in HOPE which made me laugh! It is that. I think that is true for all gardening. We have a dream, a vision, a hope. We plan, scheme, and research. We buy, plant, and watch. And then we wait. We can prepare the space but we can’t MAKE them grow. We can’t MAKE them thrive. We can nurture and hope. The garden takes on a life of its own. (Did you see that I have ripped the finger tips of my rose gardening gloves. Alack!! I may take to a shoe repair spot to see if they can stitch them back together!!) 

I will do my best to tend to this little space this summer and it will undoubtedly unfold in a way I do not expect. When choosing the seeds to purchase I am all excited about how the flowers look on websites from gardens in the Pacific Northwest. Our Colorado climate is just NOT the same. A British gardener I met recently said that the “Colorado sun is like a punch in the face.” Totally. Our weather is intense, dry, and we have a much shorter growing season that those places that have the incredibly lush gardens.

All that to say, my garden is just NOT going to look like Erin Benzakein’s or Joanna Gaine’s. It will be mine. Where I live. I will create the beauty I can exactly where I am with exactly what I have. I will make space for beauty as well as I can right here, right now. I will bloom where I am planted- or perhaps better to say, “I will plant where I am and hope that my garden blooms!”

Thank you for joining me on the journey. It is so lovely to have your company.

Do you have something you are dreaming up and need a push to make it a reality? Let’s chat! I excel at helping people get clear and motivated to move towards their vision. Schedule a 15 minute consultation with me HERE.


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