I’ve decided to give my whole heart to my Flower Portraiture. I have no idea what the path will look like. I just know that I am madly in love with flowers and want to photograph them. So I am practicing following my heart and trusting that destiny will unfold each day at a time.

One of the great joys of last week was connecting with Kim Burton at City Gals Farm in Denver, Colorado. She and I are now dreaming up a year of photos in 2019 to show the beauty and grit of a flower farm in each of the seasons. I am soooo excited about this idea and while I was planning to document botanical gardens, my heart skips a beat thinking about the prospect of partnering with flower farmers here in Colorado next year. We will see how it unfolds. At the very least we will create a whole pile of gorgeous images so City Gals has what they need for a new website!

I was able to visit her farm at the tail end of this growing season to catch the last decadent dahlia blooms, roses, lisianthus, Ruby Moon hyacinth beans, scabiosa pincusion flower, as well as some “day in the life” images of her flower farm. Their pup, Abby, is a total sweetheart and was a big help by trying to lick my camera! We had a cameo appearance by Sarah Tedford of Ladybird Poppy who came to collect flowers for a last minute event. She was another perfect subject among the blooms! We caught all this just in the nick of time since just a few days later we had our fall frost-killing-freeze and that was the end of all our Colorado blooms for the season.

I am so looking forward to sharing with you so many more beautiful images of Kim and her CityGals Flower Farm next year! For the time being, cuddle up with a seed catalog or favorite novel.

(Currently I’m reading Herb of Grace by Elizabeth Gouge. It took me quite a while to get hooked but with encouragement from a friend, I reached the middle and am now thoroughly enchanted!)


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