Are you feeling the need to do a clean-out of a particular spot in your home? Do you experience feelings of fear or dread in your basement, laundry room, or bathroom? If so, you are not alone. The good news is that you probably just need a little clutter-clearing encouragement and guidance.

I think often times we feel like clutter clearing needs to be a huge project that requires multiple days of focus and energy. It can be. But I don’t think it always needs to be. It isn’t often that I need to do a huge focused project of decluttering anymore since I have done it a billion times. I do take a few weeks usually in January and in the fall to do a full house clean-out. But for the most part my clutter clearing happens in small simple bursts.

For example, while I was waiting for someone to come over this morning, I pulled everything out of our kitchen drawer that holds the tea towels, oven mits, and spoon rests. I vacuumed the drawer (how do all those crumbs get in there??!), wiped it out, realized that two of the tea towels had been stained (stupid Trader Joe’s Buffalo Ghee with tumeric stains EVERYTHING!!! My husband loves it but today I decided for sure it’s never allowed back in the house.) Anyways, I put those ruined tea towels in the bag for cleaning rags, and put what was left all neatly back in the drawer. It took about 7 minutes.

If you want to clutter clear in small doses, here is a my quick 20 Minute Clutter Clearing Exercise:

1. Pick a small area (i.e. kitchen drawer, bin of toiletries, makeup bag…)

2. Set a timer for 20 minutes

3. Pick up one item at a time and ask these questions:

♥ does this lift my energy? (or do you notice that it makes you feel heavy?)

♥ do I absolutely love this? (or does your brain come up with a reason you SHOULD keep it?)

♥ is this genuinely useful? (or do you notice a sense of fear that if you got rid of it you would be wasteful?)

4. If it the answer is ‘NO’ to ANY of these questions, put it in a box by the front door to donate, recycle, or return.

Are you getting stuck anywhere in this process? Here are my favorite personal TOP 10 CLUTTER CLEARING TIPS.

Would you like support in this process? One of my greatest delights is helping people clear things that are acting as an energy drain so you can focus on the treasures in your life. I believe your space should inspire and support the light you are created to shine! I offer complimentary consultations, FaceTime coaching sessions, and in-home support. Let me know if you are curious about working together!


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