I have spent the last few weeks deep diving into the archives in search of past images I’ve captured of Dahlias. I’ve tried to stay very focused on my purpose, but kept getting sidetracked as I look at how young Jay and I were- and with no real idea of what we were doing gallivanting around the planet. Not that really do now either, but I guess we’ve made enough mistakes along the way that we are more “seasoned” at least.

I still wonder when I’m going to wake up and feel like an adult. Or honestly even like a “real” photographer. If not now, when?? Possibly never. Always so much to learn. I’m still making mistakes. As I dug back through the years of photos, I had to recognize that indeed I have been photographing gardens all over the world for nearly twenty years. This set from The Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC is only from ten years ago! I only pulled out the images of Dahlias as I’m created a new collection this month featuring dazzling Dahlias from all over the world.

I remember exactly how I felt when I first walked into The Butchart Gardens. I was stunned. Transfixed. Transported. 55 acres of gardens. 26 greenhouses. Multiple levels. Astounding water features. And the flowers. I could barely breathe. I had never been to a garden of this magnitude or grandeur before. Or after. We had the afternoon and the following morning and I was in a state of somehow both panic and ecstasy, attempting to capture every single drop of beauty I could with my brand new Canon 5D digital camera.

I hope these images fill you up with beauty and wonder- and possibly inspiration to visit this enchanting garden for yourself!!! I certainly am ACHING to revisit with days and days to roam through botanic splendor.


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