Today want to share something that has been on my heart. Things always seem to come in pairs and this week the pattern continues. Just yesterday, two people purchased peony Flower Portraits for friends going through a difficult time. One has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The other is a new “empty nester,” struggling with the new emptiness. Both ordered art with a similar intention- their emails to me were literally almost word for word. “Peonies are her favorite flower. I want to share calmness and peace as she goes along her journey.” 

My eyes welled up as I wrote this, remembering times in my own journey that were so painful, and how hard it was for me to stay connected to community. When my brother died. When my dog died. When we miscarried. I am also remembering when one of my best friend’s home was burned to the ground on the other side of the country. I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know how to respond. So I did nothing. Everyone’s story brings back so much of my own. Offering support to someone on their “journey” feels so profound to me. How extraordinary that these women are not trying to FIX their friends. They are holding space for her wholeness rather than offering solutions; rather than projecting their own story and emotions onto her experience. What a relief to be offered the space and permission to sit with whatever comes up without judgment. How often do we resist the urge to define an experience as negative vs. positive- but to simply name it as part of our journey? To be present in LOVE with what IS.

Here is my question for you today: What is meaningful for you to RECEIVE when you are going through a difficult time?

Would you please be willing to share your thoughts with me in the comments or by email?

When my brother died my senior year of high school, a friend bought me a fluffy bunny stuffed animal. I named her Ophelia and still have her next to our bed. When we miscarried, a friend left carrot soup and cornbread on our porch. I remember those gifts all these years later. When I am smack in the middle of a struggle it seems impossible to think of how others can help. People ask and I have no answer. So I am gathering thoughts ahead of time. For myself and for others. I would be honored if you would email back any thoughts you have. I will be compiling a list of people’s thoughts and I will share in a few weeks.

I encourage you to reach out– right this second– to someone who is on your heart. A simple text message letting them know you are thinking of them and you don’t require them to message you back. A pretty postcard in the mail. Ordering a warm homemade meal from a local service in your area.

If you feel prompted to share a gift of botanic beauty with someone you love, here is a Small Collection of Flower Portraits with calm and healing spirits. There is a good chance peonies or roses are YOUR friend’s favorite flowers as well. And these do not fade. 🙂 Much love to you and yours this week.


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