Today I am delighted to share with you my “I Dream of Peonies” Collection! It is one of my favorite sets of Flower Portraits to date and I am so eager for you to see them!

Early this summer I was spellbound by the siren call of the peony. One might say I caught Peony Fever. The buds started forming; the petals began to peek out. Peony lovers waited with our breath baited for what felt like months. Finally they all seemed to burst into luxurious piles of petals overnight. As we were not traveling at the time, I was single-minded in my search for lush peony shrubs in Denver and Boulder and actually got some breathtaking images of my very OWN plants! I photographed approximately 1,500 images of peonies in a matter of two weeks (did I mention I was obsessive?!)

It was such a joy for me to seek out these short-lived blooms, create new images, and dig back through my archives of untapped images- some from seven years ago!! With the help of my Studio Insiders, I have a curated a set of twelve Peony Portraits all named something dreamy! Honestly, I think the names & descriptions are just as delightful as the images so if you love a well-turned phrase do read through them! Here is a sample:

“Land of Nod” – Can you imagine a fluffier, more welcoming spot to wander upon? Like clouds forming shapes against a darkening sky, this peony pair welcomes you to stop a moment to daydream. (Did you know “nod” is the Hebrew root of “to wander”?!)

I think it is safe to say that peonies are most people’s favorite flower. I sometimes wonder if we are so captivated because they are ephemeral. Fleeting. Akin to avocados. You wait and wait and wait for them to ripen; suddenly they are perfect, and a couple of weeks later they have faded- withered and scorched by our harsh Colorado sun. Another year to wait and dream.

Are peonies your favorite flower? If not, which flower captures your fancy? Let me know and I will be on the lookout to create images of the blooms you love most!

If you know of a location that has a wonderful display of peonies PLEASE let me know so I can add it to my list of places to visit next season and I will create a whole new batch of Peony Portraits for you!


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