Today I got a call with the results of the biopsy the dermatologist did last week on the little bump I’ve had next to my eye for like 6 years. Turns out it is a very slow growing basal cell carcinoma. It is not imminently life-threatening. I am thankful we caught it in time. I am thankful it is not worse news. And I feel sad and scared.

The video journal series I’m doing is day-in-the-life unscripted and unedited sharing about what is on my mind and heart. So here is a 6-minute video where I talk honestly about my reaction to the news and how I am processing it.

I invite you to make space for the emotions that come up for you around the big scary things AND the every day minor things. Inside your grown up self is still your little 5 year old self and they have every right and NEED to be given the freedom and safety of feeling emotion.

The feelings I actively work to suppress are sadness, fear, and helplessness. As I make even just a few minutes here and there to let tears flow, I am surprised by how much clearer and calm I am overall. I hope the same for you.





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