The early June morning was bright and warm, not yet hot. I had a serious case of “peony fever” and was on the hunt for masses of blooms that were just starting to open here in Boulder County. I turned onto a long dirt road. Farmland was all around me. When I pulled up, my heart sighed with bliss. Two exuberant dogs, San & Tucker, loudly announced my arrival and ushered me into a little white cottage shop brimming over with freshly cut peony blooms, bottles of lavender tonics & soaps, and a very elegant Ms. McReilly who was busy creating peony bouquets.

McReilly Farms was originally a dairy farm, homesteaded over 100 years ago. That is pretty exceptional here in Colorado. It has since been renovated by Ms. McReilly and her sons. She transformed the property into a peony and lavender farm in the middle of Boulder County farmland.  Be still my beating heart. She sells exclusively cut peonies and lavender products on weekends to a loyal local customer base. This was one of only two weekends of the year that her peonies will be available! First come, first served. You can be sure I rolled up about 20 seconds after she opened for business. Hot on my heels were the other peony-lovers.

McReilly Farms is enchanting and serene. It feels like it is straight out of Victoria Magazine. I brought home a bouquet of white peonies, a camera full of images, and a dream to own my own peony flower farm someday.
Would you like to visit? There is an Airbnb cottage available on her property! You can book reservations HERE!



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