Hello, Beauty Lover!

Today I’m sharing a peek at the makeshift greenhouse I set up in our basement. India (our sweet cattle dog mix) is front and center to help give the tour. 🙂 I started hundreds of seedlings in March and since I do not have a proper greenhouse I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got. I bought a BIG metal rack on Facebook Marketplace and used zip ties to hang shop lights on each of the shelves. I have a temperature sensing heater on in front of the rack to keep it nice and warm (about 75 degrees) and lids on all the trays to keep the moisture in. Currently I have about 30 different seeds growing: Ammi, Cosmos, Asters, Zinnias, Dusty Miller, Snapdragons, Sunflowers, Starflowers, Scabiosa, Dianthus, Phlox, Ammobium, Basil and more. All for my Flower Cutting Bed! I’m not sure how many will survive since we are traveling AND Airbnbing our house AND Colorado spring is just crazy weather! Fingers crossed I will have enough to fill up the little garden bed and extras to share! In the meantime, they are all cozy and warm in the basement!

If you would have a vision for some creative space to create in your own home, let’s chat and see how I can support you in bringing that to life! Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me HERE!


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