Moving things out of your space can be overwhelming. Lots of emotions and thoughts come up. The brain kicks in with all kinds of stories and opinions. Resistance takes it’s stance. The opportunity is to smile, think of a wonderful thing- any happy little thing- focus on what you want to create in your life, and let whatever isn’t a part of that vision go. Sounds lovely, right? Easier said then done- at first.

Clearing clutter is a skill. You practice. You pick up tricks. You find creative ways to circumvent the stumbling blocks that come up. You start experiencing the peace and delight of having only things you adore around you. You clear some more. You feel more energized, more focused, more shimmery. You get addicted to the clearing. You get more and more efficient and confident. That’s been my personal experience, and nearly every one I have worked with as a Clutter Clearing Coach. Are you getting stuck somewhere in the process? Are you not even able to get out of the starting block? No worries. If you are reading this then clutter clearing is in your future, you just need incentive, support, and inspiration. See if any of these ideas resonate for you.

Here are my Top 10 Tips for Clutter Clearing:

1) Let your body be your guide and give your brain a 20 minute break. You honestly don’t need your brain for this process! Simply notice how do you feel about each item- not what you think about it. Do you smile? Do you pull it close? Do you resist picking it up? Do you hold it further away from yourself?

2) Does your brain instantly try to jump in with reasons you should keep it (that is a good clue that you are holding onto an item out of a sense of fear instead of trust). In a state of abundance, let it go.

3) Trust your very first impulse and do not second guess it. Your inner knowing and intuition draws upon a massive amount of information and makes an almost instantaneous decision. I suggest that your intuition already knows whether or not to keep something (or any other question you have for that matter)– it has just been waiting for you to ask and to listen to it.

4) Get grounded. Take 20 seconds to focus on your breath before you start a clutter clearing process.

5) Choose a mantra or statement of trust. Before you start, say this out loud: “I believe that I am loved. I believe that I am safe. I believe that God/Universe will provide anything I truly need when I need it. I desire to make space in my life for abundance, clarity, and calm.”

6) Trust that life will be OK even if you later regret letting go of something. Here is a weird phenomenon. In my experience, every time I get rid of a box of things, within 48 hours I have a situation where I suddenly wish I had kept one of those items. “That thing would have been perfect! Drat! Why did I get rid of that?!” Every. Time. I’ve learned to take a deep breath. I recognize that it is just on my brain because I touched it for the first time in a long time. It’s low hanging fruit. I acknowledge that my life is full of other potential solutions or options. When I do this I move out of a lock down negative scarcity space, and move into a state of trust and flow. I solve the problem or fill that need in some new creative way. Every. Time.

7) Focus on ebb and flow. Relax, drink water, and think about all of this as being fluid (as opposed to permanent). Things flowing in and out is a very natural and necessary motion for an environment to stay healthy.

8) Remind your sweet self that it is just STUFF. As my husband likes to say, “Don’t worry, they’ll make more.” I tell myself every day, “I have exactly what I need in this moment. I trust that what I truly need will come into my circle in the perfect time. I am resourced. I am safe. I am loved.”

9) Do not force yourself to get rid of it. If you need to create space and sanity but cannot bear the idea of getting rid of things, that is totally fine. A lot of people disagree with this idea, but if you aren’t ready then I don’t believe in traumatizing yourself. Just put it in a box in the garage or basement or wherever. Move it out of your space and see how things feel. If you really miss something in a few days or a few months, go fetch it out. Otherwise, when you feel ready, let the box go on it’s way.

10) Focus on what you love. Look for the treasures and, without effort, let the rest go.

Would you like support in this process? One of my greatest delights is helping clear things that are acting as an energy drain so you can focus on the treasures in your life. I believe your space should inspire and support the light you are created to shine! I offer complimentary consultations, Skype coaching sessions, and in-home support. Let me know if you are interested in working together!


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