My Dahlia frenzy this fall inspired me to dig back into past archives of our travel photography because I knew I had photographed Dahlias in many many places over the last twenty years.

It has been so fun to reminisce and look through images from almost a DECADE ago!! Jay and I were younger (obviously) and New Zealand was one of my all-time favorite trips together. We stayed in lovely B&B’s along the way, but the true highlight for me was renting a camper-van and driving across the country, stopping about every fifteen minutes as we rounded the corner and were met with YET another breathtaking view. The Botanic Gardens in Christchurch was just gorgeous.

One of the greatest delights of my Flower Portraiture career to date was discovering the gardens of the town of Oamaru on the South Island. There was a greenhouse full of the most breathtaking begonias I have EVER seen and I was in heaven. Standing in that greenhouse surrounded by all those botanic beauties (which were all male, btw, as Jay learned by reading up on them!) I realized that what I felt was BLISS. Absolute pure delight, intoxicated (without the Irish testiness), floating, sublime.

It took me a very long time to phase out of the wedding industry and all the portrait work, but from the moment I stepped into that greenhouse in Oamaru, I was moving steadily (albeit slowly) towards a fully flower-focused life. Today’s post is not about the begonias though. 🙂 I am highlighting the Dahlias I captured in preparation for my new upcoming collection, Dahlia Daze. Stay tuned! Until then, you can bask in the New Zealand dahlias here, Arrowhead Dahlia Farm in Longmont, Colorado, Butchart Gardens Dahlias, San Francisco Botanic Gardens, City Gals Farm in Denver, and Swan Island Dahlias in Oregon! I hope you get a kick out of these extra photos of Jay and I from 2008 and some of our travel photos!!!

Wishing you all goodness and grace this week!


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