I have been dreaming up a Mystics Collection of Flower Portraits for years. I wanted to offer a set of powerful black and white botanical images that represented spiritual transcendence. I had a few images in my portfolio that were the foundation and guiding lights for the collection- Starlight, Queen of Peace, and Eden. I held every new potential image up to these three to see if they felt coherent. I was looking for images with radiance, strength, and vulnerability, and of course that translated powerfully in black & white.


Here is the formal description I wrote for this collection:

“For me, the quote, “A heart that falls open at the feet of the sacred” (Mirabai Starr) encapsulates my Winter 2017 Mystics Collection. The Flower Portraits included in “The Mystics” represent souls bending towards the light; those who seek truth through stillness and contemplation; those who practice accepting what IS in the present moment, without judgment. This path is one I cling to with my whole heart, longing to attain a sense of peace in the midst of a chaotic and raging mind. The images in this collection are all black and white so the focus is on the textures and shapes of these sublime creations, created in Love, and reflecting back to each of us the divinity and light that exists in our souls and connects us to our creator and each other.”


After spending a month in England and then the Portland International Rose Garden last summer, I had thousands of new flower faces to interview for the Mystics Collection. Hours and hours later, knowing what I desired, I found my full set. We then set about naming each of them and giving them a mini biography. You can read all their descriptions in the SHOP.

This set is offered in my 2018 Calendar. Canvas gallery wraps, watercolor prints, and wood prints are available for purchase in my Shop.

The flowers in this collection were discovered primarily in England, along with Utah, San Francisco, and Portland. Papery tulips, elegant iris, double-petal hydrangea, regal magnolias, heavenly anemone, sublime roses, and delicate clematis are represented. I hope these images offer a resting place and breathing space for you this winter.

Much love to you this January.



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