If you were one of my clients deliberating on what size artwork to order, I would ask you to talk to me about the piece you are considering. How does it make you feel? How do you think having this piece of art will impact your space? What kind of energy are you looking to bring into your home?

More often than not, my clients fall in love with a Flower Portrait because it makes them feel calm yet inspired. They desire to infuse their space, their life, and their hearts with more of the beauty flowers naturally exude.

When it comes to printing my Flower Portraits, my opinion is consistently, “GO BIG”.  A large-scale image is arresting; it takes your breath away and requires your full attention–even for just a second—and in that second of unabated awareness, you realize meditation. Big art, especially of flowers, allows one to notice and get lost in the exquisite details that are easily overlooked or crowded out in smaller images.

I am not alone in craving statement art that defines the space rather than simply filling it. According to the Pinterest 100 Report, “big wall art” was one of the most searched for pins over the past year. The interior design site Apartment Therapy concurs in the blog titled, Big Art is the New Gallery Wall.  “Gallery walls were the talk of 2017 but we are ready for something a little different. While gallery walls allow for personalized expression, they can be difficult to build and can lead to visual overload. Interior design sites now advocate for “the ‘one and done’ philosophy behind a single piece of oversize art; it looks really posh but also is just plain easier…Who needs a whole darn gallery wall when you can focus on just one eye-catching work of art?”

Large pieces of art ground a room and give it depth. While a digital file on a screen may catch your eye and even make your heart flutter, there is no comparison to allowing it to come alive in your home. The talented people I work with at world-renowned labs custom print each of my images using archival quality materials. The result is art with a soul; art that feels like a painting; art that is earthy, textured, and organic. All of these qualities come through most strongly in large format. So, are you looking to fill an empty spot on the wall or are you looking to transform the look and feel of your space (or both!)? I invite you to accept my Flower Portraiture as an opportunity to get swept up in something breathtaking and larger than life, more expansive in their details than the nagging nuances of the day-to-day. I hope you will join me in basking in the joy and serenity large format art can bring to our most sacred spaces.



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