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In a world where life is too often punctuated by loss, I seek to capture moments that are small, quiet and lovely; to cherish this space and preserve it; to give it a name so that it cannot be lost. Through my flower portraiture I offer you a quieter path where you can bathe the senses in the smallest of life’s blessings. My portraits are intimate, quiet, and authentic– like a heartfelt conversation shared with a few, close friends. Indeed, they feel like friends to me.

These flowers have the ability to hold the space for stillness in your life; to help you find and create peace, beauty, and hope. Flowers are a reflection of our truest, best self- the person we are striving to become. See if you find your “spirit flower” smiling back at you! If you do, buy her in as large a format as you can for the most life-changing impact.

Transform your space. Transform your life.

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